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ISSA Event 2014 and Results Günzburg

März 13, 2014



Speed Skydiving Official FAI Discipline

März 13, 2014

Speed Skydiving Official FAI Discipline

In recent years, the International Speed Skydiving Association (ISSA) has intensified contact with National Airsport Controls (NAC) and the International Parachuting Commission (IPC). The major results of this ISSA approach to NACs and the IPC are:

– Sweden, the United Kingdom and Austria have approved Speed Skydiving as an official discipline on national level.
– In January 2008 Speed Skydiving was presented at the IPC Plenary Meeting in Paris.
– The development of software for the graphical display of acceleration and speed, the use of small high definition key-cams and the combination of video footage and graphical speed indicator presented to the public via internet and on big video walls.
– Because of this developement, 17 of the worldbest Speed Skydivers were able to present their sport in a perfect manner to a broad international audience, during the Mondial 2012 and the 4th DIPC 2013 in Dubai.

It was a big wish of the Speed Skydiving athletes and the ISSA, that Speed Skydiving gets the official approval by the IPC to become part of the IPC familiy. On Saturday February 1st 2014, this wish came true at the 65th IPC Plenary Meeting in Vienna. Speed Skydiving is officially adopted by the International Parachuting Commission!

Speed Skydiving Schedule 2014

In 2014 we will have 14 competitions in total:  3 ISSA World Series Meets, 5 Open Nationals, 2 BPA Roadshows, 3 Local Championships, the 5th DIPC in Dubai and the 1st FAI World Cup of Speed Skydiving in Prerov Czech Republic. As in the past years the ISSA Speed Skydiving World Series will consist of 3 single competitions. The hosts are:
– Dropzone Fano in Italy
– Dropzone Günzburg in Germany
– Dropzone Teuge in the Netherlands
New in the schedule: the 1st Open Swiss Nationals in Triengen and the 1st Dutch Natioals in Teuge (ISSA World Series Final Event). So 2014 there will be 5 Open Nationals in Sweden, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland and Netherland. The schedule contains also 2 BPA Coaching Roadshows – one at Sibson and one at Hibaldstow UK – and 3 local Championships in Austria where the dates are to be announced in the next weeks.
The Speed Skydiving Schedule 2014 and the World Series rules 2014 are published on the ISSA Homepage. Follow the link below to check the schedule and the rules. The official invitations to the 3 ISSA World Series events will be published also on our homepage in the upcoming weeks.